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About Lala

That's me!

So thought I would start my blog with starting to tell you a bit about me. You lucky lot!

♡ I'm Lucy aka Lala - a nickname I acquired when I became an Auntie 6 years ago and it's stuck ever since. Lala by name, Lala y nature!

♡ I'm Aaron's Wife! We've been married for 5 years, known each other for 14 years. I think!

♡ I'm Beatrix's Mummy! She is 4 and most definitely my little muse when I manage to brib her to have her photograph taken! She has taught me a great deal since gracing the world with her presence and I am definitely still learning this parenting lark!

♡ I'm Mimi and Daisy's Mummy too! My lovely but extremely yappy yorkshire terriers. Love them!

♡ I've been a primary school teacher for 11 years predominately teaching the littliest of learner's in the Early Years but having a move to Key Stage 1 from September 2020.

♡ I am ok but sometimes I'm not and that's ok too. Mental Health and Wellbeing will always matter to me as I am a survivor of the darkness. Mindful Photography is something I enjoy in my spare time.

♡ I love photography. Betsy, my camera, is my loyal companion and is never too far away from me. I am passionate about capturing those big and little moments in my own family and wanted to be able to do that for other families too. Your moments are precious to me too.

So... Lala LOVES Photography was born!

A relaxed, bright, creative and 'in-the-moment' approach to photography.

The more I capture your moments, the stronger my passion grows.

Have an idea for a photograph?

I'm up for the challenge!

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